Learn Krishnamurti Paddhati KP / KP Astrology By Nicky Modi

Learn Krishnamurti Paddhati KP / KP Astrology By Nicky Modi Learn Krishnamurti Paddhati KP / KP Astrology By Nicky Modi
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Learn Krishnamurti Paddhati KP / KP Astrology By Nicky Modi

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(to the KP new comer,

read at least the heading " fact of this matter " to get this query, how KP can judge micro time. Had hit the bulls eye)

(this article was given and been published in KP e zine in 2009, great memories)


When will an Internet get start ?

At the evening of 15 oct, I had finished my article for our KP e-zine and decided to submit it to Shri Kanak ji on the next day 16 oct. By cause of some technical, an internet couldn’t start. It was very frustrating and anxious moment for me to face, then I decided to solve this matter from horary.

Horary No:221,
Time-11:55:01 am,
Place-Surat, Gujarat

Rule for Internet:

An internet will be start When 3rd (communicative matters) & 11th (getting desired)cusps signify mutually, with the significator of these both at the transit of ascendant, asc star and asc sub.


Asc Star lord: Ke,
Asc lord: Ju,
Mo Star lord: Su,
Mo lord: Me,
Daylord: Ve


3rd Cusp: Su, Ma

11th Cusp: Ra, Ke, Ju

Rule for getting an internet:

Any kind of mutual or supplement connection with one human to another or any lifess matter will be scrutinize by 3rd cusp and for fructification of the matter will be seen by 11th cusp. In the DBAS of the signifcators of these two cusp will tell the “when”.

Moon as 3rd CSL: Mo is in the star of Su and sub of Sa. Mo (7, L/o 6) has rapt conjunction with Sa(L/o 7& 12, 1-karaka for anxiety). Su(L/o 7, 8) has occupied 8th cusp(frustration & anxiety).We can see there is no clear-cut amicable connection of 3rd & 11th cusps overhere, though Ju (L/o 11, 12) aspects these three of above and giving proximity to go further.

11th CSL: Ra is the constellation of Su and sub of Ju.Ma(L/o 3) has its 7th aspect on Ra(11, 12, 7, 1, 8) and Ju(L/o 11) has conjuction with it.Star lord Su is again seems frustrating for me towards its 8th placement.Ju is a S/l of Ra and has its influence with Ra and its star lord Su by aspects.

On the day of judgement, Star lord Su is in RP and significators both.So I got some confidence for getting internet on the same day.But when, to determine the same we’ll scrutinize on Ascendent, its star lord and sublord.Genrally this kind of technical fault would cracked on the same day by complaining to ISP(Internet Service Provider).

At the time of judgement at 11:55:01 am, an asc of Sagittarius was running on 10d-05m-33s and would end at 13:16:44 pm.Sagittarius have its star of Mula, Purvashadha and Uttarashadha which have the lordship of Ke, Ve and Su.We have 2 of these 3 which are Ke and Su’s constellation in RPs and Significators both.So it looks beneficial to go ahead.Let see.

Asc star lord Ke was running at the time of judgement and has sublord of Sa and Me will remain.Sa has nothing to run more so I had ignore it.Me is not coming at its role of signification here.Therefore in this all constellation of Ke would be ignored.Next star is Purvashadha of Ve, but it is not coming in significator.We will go ahead without its consideration.

The star lord of Purvashadha is Ve and it appears as one of an RP but not as significator.That’s why it’s time to move further without taking it.

The next star lord is Su of Uttarashadha appears as an RP and strong significator of 3rd cusp.Star lord Su will start after 8d-26m-40s till the end of rashi Sagittarius.Now it is time to determine one of sub between 3d-20m-00s.

(1) 1st sub of Su start at 13:03:37 pm to 13:06:15 pm.
Su is been already choosen as stellar level.

(2) 2nd sub of Mo start at 13:06:16 pm to 13:10:38 pm. Mo has not any contribution as a significator.

(3)3rd sub of Ma start at 13:10:39 pm to 13:13:41 pm.Ma is not appearing as an RP but coming as one of the significator.

(4)4th sub of Ra start at 13:13:42 pm to 13:21:29 pm.Ra is coming as an agent of Ju in RP and significator.After the sub of Ra Sagittarrius would end.So it’s time to end these speculations of beyond Sagittarius.

By the grace of divinity, I scrutinized these subs once again and got some gesture of the infinite. Ke has its 1st level placement in RP and coming as a significator too. Ke is not in above appeared subs, but Ma has its conjunction with Ke within 5 degree.


Fact of this matter:


I had determine between this moment 13:10:39 pm to 13:13:41 pm of getting an internet. My concentration focused in this time and I put a clock at the desktop. I had constant tried to click the mouse and connect an internet between this time. Suddenly at the moment of 13:12:09 or 10 pm the internet got started. It was an amazing moment and cant be express.

Our pioneer author of KP e-zine Shri Vijay kumar ji always conclude their articles with some deep meaningfull quote as I mentioned under and I couldnt control myself to follow them.

“I conclude herewith with my sincere thanks to Prof. Krishnamurthy, who has deviced a pioneering predictive model in predictive astrology , which deserves sincere appreciation.


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   Over a month ago

Someone has asked to write about "Natural / Unnatural Death.


natural / unnatural death (in a practical way)

+ first significant thing is to decide, “what is natural and unnatural” in this world.

+ is there any situation, person, thing, place is unnatural in this world? No

+ thus, the “unnatural” thing is no more in this world. In fact it is not existed.
nature is alive in every atom.

+ the society made boundary of natural and un natural. An astrology does not care of it at all. astrology is vast and subtle. Our ancient astrology has simple and basic rules that covers universe, just got to get it.


some parameters of death (should be seen in dasa)


+ 8th bhava in dasa will delay the death and make painful death.

+ 8th will give death by hyper depression.

+ 1st, 5th, 9th bhava will give peaceful death. Dasa lord should not signify 4th, 8th, 12th.

+ 4th unhygienic death, that contains Low immunity, crying, sleeping, obesity, depression and emotional death.

+ 6th will give disease and then death.

+ 12th will in dasa will be costlier and hospital death.

+ 4th , 6th , 8th, 12th in dasa will give long, painful, operational, accidental death.

+ 4th , 8th, 12th will give accidental death.

+ 3rd, 4th , 8th will give death by beaten up or being murdered.

+ 3rd, 1st, 8th will give suicidal death.

+ 3rd, 8th, 12th will give death in prison and hang.

+ 12th , 3rd , 1st will give self guilt and attempt of suicide.

+ 11th will give wish full death.

+ 9th , 5th , 1st will give happy, painless, spiritual death.
+ 10th , 8th will give death by falling from height.

+ 4th , 8th, 12th will give punishment death like hang till death.

#death #nature #natural #astrology #kpastrology

   Over a month ago